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Supercar Rides for Charity Policies:
(these policies only apply to those participating in our Supercar Rides for Charity)

Please show up a minimum of 20 minutes before your scheduled ride.
Due to the nature of this event, we can not offer any refunds.
If you miss the time of your purchased ride, we can not offer an alternate ride as we will be adhering to a very strict schedule.
Unfortunately passengers will not be able to request specific cars – all cars will be assigned randomly to passengers for each time slot due to logistics and scheduling.
Passengers must be 6 years of age or older. If passenger requires a booster seat, one must be supplied along with a towel for on the vehicle seat.

August Group Track Day Policies:
(these policies only apply to those attending our Area 27 Track days)

August Group Track Days are on a first come first serve basis. Each track day will be available to a maximum of 30 participants.

Cancellation Policy:
Due to the high demand of participation in our track days, we require a minimum 30 day cancellation for any refunds.
Refunds will not be available to those cancelling within 30 days.

We will have a waitlist available for anyone wishing to participate in a Track Day that has reached its maximum participants.

If you are Bringing any Non-Passenger Guests:
Please note there is an extra lunch charge per guest.
Guests are considered to be in addition to any passengers and will be able to watch from the sidelines.
* We require at least (2) weeks notice if number of non-passenger guests changes due to lunch order requirements.
We can not refund costs for extra guests with less than (2) weeks of notice.

Other Policies:

All participating vehicles are expected to be mechanically sound and safe to drive.
Participants including passengers will be required to wear a 2005 or newer DOT/SNELL rated safety helmet. If you do not have a helmet you will be required to rent one (available at the track) for a cost of $20.
Please note that only eligible drivers classified as intermediate or higher are permitted to have a passenger.

See here for more info on track experience classification.

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