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The Sandwich Company & Relvas Catering

The Sandwich Company & Relvas Catering

Daily rituals of picking up our favourite options at the grocery store and making a game time decision on which restaurant to go to for lunch has come to an unprecedented halt as we deal with this pandemic together.  Luckily for us we have an incredibly resilient community of local restaurant owners bending and reinventing to all the twists and turns they’ve been given over the last couple of weeks.

One of the August Group’s most loved sandwich shops, The Sandwich Company, owned and operated by Adam Relvas, who is also the owner and chef Relvas Catering – the August Group and Okanagan Dream Rally’s go-to caterers, is going above and beyond to meet the needs of his customers in Kelowna.  “At the Sandwich Company we have shifted towards providing take-home meals for folks that are quick and easy to pre-order from us, and can be picked up in a matter of minutes. This allows us to still provide food for people, while limiting the amount of time spent in the same space as others. From a staffing point of view, we’ve limited to number of people working in the same space, and we’ve changed the front of house space to foster take away only! People can also call or text ahead to order lunch, and we have it ready upon their arrival so all they need to do is tap and go!” – Says Adam Relvas, Owner and Chef.

Dine-In Becomes Take-Out

With self-isolating and social distancing being more important than ever right now, it can be challenging to practice these measures while still getting all the necessities you need for your family at the grocery store.  “Everyone needs to eat! With the chaos at the grocery stores as of late, and more families and friends spending time isolating together we’ve found that there has been an increased need for easy, homemade, quality meals that don’t require a lot of prep. This allows people who are still working all day and don’t have the time to head to a grocery store the chance to eat a quality meal together, or can help out a family that’s balancing working from home with childcare and other obligations they might not usually have because of the health requirements right now. By providing take and make meals (pop them in the oven for 25 minutes, or heat them up on the stove) we can take some of the stress off of people in regards to having to constantly be cooking or providing for their people.” Says Relvas.

These last couple weeks have been a unique time for many of our local companies, especially restaurants who typically thrive this time of year, when the sun starts shining in Kelowna.  Through this many entrepreneurs, creatives, and managers have joined forces and worked together to keep our favourite spots afloat. “It’s been really great to see the culinary community come together through this chaos – we’re working the crew from Provisions Kitchen/Box Car/CrAsian, as well as Karat, the team from Perseval and Young, Chef Jeremy Lyupen from Summerhill, the local Sysco team, and Codfathers to support one another and help out where we can. Stay tuned for a cool collaboration coming soon!” Says Relvas.


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How To Support?

If you would like to support The Sandwich Company, located on Dickson Ave in the Landmark Buildings, please click here to view their menu and place your order over the phone!

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