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OKGN X Local Love

OKGN X Local Love

OKGN x Local Love

Okanagan Lifestyle first became known in Kelowna for their clothing apparel with a fresh connective aesthetic and grew to truly be a cornerstone in our community. Local Love by Okanagan Lifestyle is an initiative to help support all types of small Kelowna based companies who have been negatively effected by the Covid-19 crisis. Through the Okanagan Lifestyle website people can purchase gift cards in varying values for future use at a wide variety of local businesses. From restaurants and breweries to bookstores and yoga studios, there is no limit to the company’s and your neighbours – you can still support.

“As our dear friends began closing the doors one by one to their restaurants, bars, spin and yoga studios – all the places that contribute powerfully to the lifestyle we celebrate as a brand, it made perfect logical sense to us to invite them into our little corner of the internet.”  Says Jaclyn Robertson, Owner of Okanagan Lifestyle.

Gift cards purchased for these companies are processed through the Okanagan Lifestyle website and then distributed accordingly to those business. “Of course we can’t discount the trust of our participating community partners. That trust and these relationships are our greatest accomplishment to date with the business. They’re all incredible, work so unbelievably hard and deserve to make it through this!” Says Jaclyn.

Leaving us incredibly inspired, Jaclyn, Ryan, and the rest of the Okanagan Lifestyle Team continue to mindfully practice supporting their neighbours while enabling us to easily do so too.  “This isn’t a time for exclusion or ego. It’s truly time for us all to come together now. We look forward to coming back to the table after a week or so and chatting about the longevity of this initiative for our community” Says Jaclyn.

Now more than ever, August Luxury Motorcars, August Mazda, and the August Family Foundation are passionate about keeping our Okanagan community strong, safe, and healthy. The Okanagan Community is nothing short of amazing and if we continue to navigate these challenging times with positivity, together we can only come out stronger.

Get your local gift cards at the link below!


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