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Mosaic Books X Literary Love

Mosaic Books x Literary Love

Social distancing is difficult for our society in a handful of ways but one thing we can always rely on for entertainment, education, or simply a distraction, is books. One of the Okanagan’s most loved local book stores, Mosaic Books, is doing everything in their power to still provide these incredible hand-held resources during trying times.

Find Your Books Online & Pick Up Safely!

You can browse their collections through the Mosaic Books website where they are working diligently to categorize books, puzzles, and more in lists they believe will make the online shopping experience easier and more intuitive. They will also be offering assistance over the phone if you have any questions or need further assistance.  Once you have made your purchase, they will ship directly to you or you can simply drive up to their bricks and mortar on Bernard St. and they will bring your order out to you curbside.

Self-isolating is incredibly challenging for most people, especially for many Kelowna locals, who thrive in the outdoors.  “Mental stimulation is key but more importantly, people need something to take their minds off the current situation all while not going crazy. Being stuck indoors by themselves or with their family is a lot to handle and if everyone has something to focus on for a while it can help reset your mood. And let’s be honest, people are probably spending more time on their devices or watching TV than ever before so breaking away to read a book can feel as good as going outside for a walk.” Says Alicia Neill, Store Manager.

Over the course of the last few weeks Mosaic Books has had a remarkable response time for creating an online browsing and purchasing experience, managing to assist both their loyal and new customers within the day of their online order. “Our community has been really supportive through all the changes. Becoming primarily online almost overnight can be challenging since our customer love taking the time to browse our shelves in store and discovering something new. We have seen a big increase in orders so it really is making a difference in our lives while we ride this out.” Says Neill.

Supporting Local

As our community navigates unpredictable times, it is challenging for local companies to plan for future business. Mosaic, which family owned and operated, is trying their best to remain positive while thinking of any additional measures they may need to take. “We are small enough that we can adapt quickly to change but the community needs to continue to support us. Our owner (my dad) has had this kooky idea of becoming the first bookstore with a drive thru so maybe he will finally see th at dream come true.” Says Neill.

To support Mosaic Books you can shop online for your next new read or purchase a gift card through Okanagan Lifestyle’s Local Love initiative.


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