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Lauren Dunbar X Gardening Love

Lauren Dunbar x Gardening Love

There’s no denying that the weight of uncertainty can have negative effects on our bodies and our minds. And while we know that these cloudy days are only temporary, it is just as important to promote strong emotional health in the meantime.
With the majority of us receiving a little impromptu staycation, this is a perfect time to capitalize on the self-reflective activities that we may have been putting off during the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Whether it’s yoga, baking, painting, or knitting socks for your pets, we all have our meditative exercises that ease our minds in times of ambiguity. One often overlooked source of contentment is one’s ability to plant, grow and nurture something from its early stages. Whether it’s houseplants on the windowsill, tomatoes in the garden or a peach tree in the backyard, the emotional fulfillment from growing something yourself is particularly unique.

Local Florist and all-things-plant lover, Lauren Dunbar, has been well versed in the flora universe for over a decade and was kind enough to share a little green thumb wisdom for our Community Collective series.

Where and what to start with? What’s easy and what’s not?

A current easy favorite of mine are pothos & philodendrons. They’re fast growers and let you know they need some H20 when they start to droop.
Fiddle leaf figs are all over Instagram & Pinterest. These beautiful fickle plants require a high amount of consistent care. The perfect amount of light and humidity and a watering schedule that allows the soil to partially dry out.

If you’re new to becoming a plant parent, I suggest working your way up to fiddle leafs!
If you’ve got some outdoor space (patio or otherwise) now is a great time to order your seeds and bulbs. Get your starters going and map out your space.

Gardening Tips for our Okanagan Community

The basics of plant care, what they need and what they don’t

Over-watering is the number one killer of house plants.
During dormant season plants need less water and increased humidity.

A humidifier or diffuser will keep you and your plants happy!
I recommend having neem oil on hand (to treat pests) and some fertilizer. I love Earth Pods as they come in easy to use capsules and are 100% recyclable.


Where to get plants and seeds

The Greenery is currently working on offering solutions to buy online, pickup orders, or get plants delivered.
Currently they are opened and have systems in place to ensure social distancing is being enforced. –

West Coast Seeds facilities are not open to the public, however they are continuing to pick, pack and ship orders. –


If there are any other local florists, plant stores or nurseries that you know have updated their working hours or delivery program please let us know and we will continue to update our list!

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